Speed up your site with a a USA Located Linux Semi-dedicated Server.

If you find out that your cloud hosting account is not anymore a decent solution for your own online presence, however a dedicated server is too expensive and too complex to handle, then you’ll be able to make full use of our US semi–dedicated servers.

A Linux semi-dedicated hosting is a a one of a kind blend between a cloud hosting account and a Linux dedicated hosting , which offers the best of the two worlds. It offers the power of a dedicated server (but without the common server management responsibilities), wrapped in a point–and–click Hosting Control Panel that comes with all cloud hosting plans by default.

And due to their individuality, our semi–dedicated servers are offered only within our data center in USA. It actually was the initial data center in which we’ve been in a position to deploy our custom–made cloud hosting platform and it provides unrivaled power and cooling conditions. We also have created a specialized internal network based on enterprise–level Juniper routers and switches. This is the way we can assure a 99.9% network uptime with our USA Located Linux Semi-dedicated Servers

One of the main great things about our USA semi–dedicated servers is definitely the HostOlic Hosting Control Panel. It is included cost–free with all semi–dedicated servers and has been built to be running in the cloud. Doing this we spare your server from being forced to power up the Control Panel and also your websites at the same time. You can use the whole server strength exclusively for your sites. And also, the Hosting Control Panel is filled with free tools and bonuses that can boost your website.

Other US Hosting Services

The data center in USA delivers a lot of web hosting options for all clients based on the web sites and web applications they would like to accommodate. We provide USA Located Cloud Hosting for anyone who would like to launch a personal blog, portfolio as well as an online store. Our cloud hosting packages include a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and also a cafe domain name for just $9.99. If you need to start a development environment or you have to have additional resource quotas for your web site, then you can pick our USA Located Linux Virtual Private Servers. Our Virtual Private Servers feature a selection of Control Panels and have extra fast SSD drives. In case you need a new home for any extremely popular web site or perhaps a very CPU dependent application, then you can go with each of our USA Located Linux Dedicated Hosting Servers. They feature reliable hardware elements and deliver a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.